wild dreams

Have you ever felt out of body?

When for one second you question your existence.

You think about how vast and wide the world is.

How there has to be something more out there.

Your skin starts to itch and for one second you think about running.

No thought as to where but the sensation overtakes you.

And then.

You're back in your body.

Your mind settles again but you question your path.

Question whether you're letting life pass you by.

It's hard to stop just existing and actually start living.

Routine becomes your life.

Boredom becomes normal.

And stepping out of your comfort zone scares the shit out of you.

You stuff down panic and dismiss what is supposedly a crazy idea.

You rationalise everything, keeping your wild dreams,

wild dreams.

The world stays unexplored by you.

Seeing the wonders it has to offer through a screen.

You accept what you see as fact.

But how do you know the ocean is that blue?

Or the jungle that green?

Life is passing you by and time will only slow you down.

So the question is,

Are you going to accept your current reality, 

or choose to live your wild dreams?

Rae Saint-Clair