The Pyramid of Death

Project created on a found artefact, The Metropolitan Sepchular aka The Pyramid of Death which was going to be a giant mausoleum in Primrose Hill designed by Thomas Wilson, but due to the sheer size of it, it was never built.

I wanted to create a wire installation within Primrose Hill that people could walk through, imagining how vast and large the mausoleum would have been. Potentially rephrasing what Wilson said in his presentation, he said “It will teach the living to die, and the dying to live forever”. Which is a very morbid thought. Changing it to “It will teach the living to live, and the dead to live forever”. 


It would be an interesting campaign to run as if it had been built, problems aside it would have been a major tourist attraction and would've been another British Landmark. 

Rachael Saint-Clair 2020